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Sharing our extensive knowledge and experience one article at a time to support our clients in understanding healthcare technology and how it supports their business.

Team Metrics – What, When & Where

In the Revenue Cycle (RCM) world, we live and die by our performance metrics: lag days, days in AR, error rates, cash conversion cycles, bad debt ratios, aging categories – if it can be measured there is probably a report for it. We combine this avalanche of data with...

KPIs in the Revenue Cycle

KPI – Key Performance Indicator is one of those acronyms the consulting world salivates over – it’s the golden key to hundreds and hundreds of billable hours, and it’s the bane of any revenue cycle (RCM) manager’s life, but is it really that important? Before we can...

The Manpower to Volume Ratio Trap

Revenue cycle managers are constantly forced to justify their resource counts and expenditures. RCM (revenue cycle management) is a cost center and under continuous pressure to hold the line somewhere in the two to four percent range. How is an RCM vice president or...

Perception is Reality

Provider expectation realignment is a key ingredient in creating the perception of success. As cynical as this sounds it is important as a leadership or project team that we remember who our primary client is; the provider and their perception of success or failure...

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