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 As a provider, my primary role is first and foremost to provide for my patients. However, it’s imperative that I remain conscious of the efficiency of my practice. While quality care is always my goal, I still need to meet the demands of the payers, the oversight and coordination requirements of the ACO model, and the pressures of a competitive market.

How We Help the PROVIDER

Electronic health record (EHR) systems are transforming the way care is delivered, making it possible for providers to collect massive amounts of data, measure outcomes, be proactive with patient alerts, and perform population-based screenings. Castagno Enterprises can help you you select the most practical tools and systems to manage your electronic health practices—and your overall practice.

Castagno Enterprises offers the Provider:

  • Expert advice on operational efficiency and improvement based on decades of collective experience and in-depth knowledge of the latest trends and developments in HIT
  • A collaborative, long-term relationship
  • Impartial advice and practical knowledge gleaned from many EHR implementations
  • In-depth experience with patient and physician portals
  • A trusted partner who can collaborate, coach, inform, and advise.

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